Im using pushwoosh with and am experiencing an issue with re-registering a device. Basically when a device is 'unregistered' it works as expected, they don't get push notifications but if they 're-register' it does not allow them to register again, no errors are thrown, its just does not register them.

I have put in a work around that basically just removes the tags but for all users who have 'unregistered' their device, they cannot 'regegister' the device unless they re-install the app.

asked 07 Feb, 14:36
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Actually, we can confirm such behaviour and it turns out it is not related to APNs directly, however the issue is still iOS-based.

Let me explain. Basically as soon as you call unregister function, which in iOS will call:

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] unregisterForRemoteNotifications];

Push registration breaks and stops working completely. No matter what you do, the next registration:

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] registerForRemoteNotifications];

does not trigger ANY system callbacks. No success, no error, nothing. The iOS just ignores this call.

We've found similar problem here:

We would propose if you need to be able to unsubscribe users from push notifications, just create boolean Tag in Pushwoosh - "subscribed" and set it accordingly.

It looks like this is a bug in iOS since we receiving the same issues across different plugins.

Also Apple does not recommend calling this method at all.

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answered 10 Feb, 09:00
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Oleg Zhukov

edited 10 Feb, 09:08

Hi Oleg,

Thanks for looking into it! For me, because everything is tag based I can just have it set the 'unsubscribe' to null on the tags.

However, if it doesnt work for IOS maybe add it to the docs :)

Thanks thought! I'm glad its not just me

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answered 10 Feb, 14:54
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