Hello, Im having a bit of a problem here. After integrating the SDK according to the guides, I can see that pushwood actually registers a user, open App request are sent successfully. But when calling registerForPushNotifications then the device actually register for APNS, (I get UIApplicationDelegate didRegisterForRemoteNotifications), but the delegates methods from pushwood onDidRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken or onDidFailToRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithError are not called, hence the SDK has no device token, and when I try to register the device, 'Automatically via URL type and qr code' or manually setting up the token, there are no subscribers at the end hence I can't send pushes.

I realised that when I scan the code and my apps opens and get an error alert, in the console I see more info and it says that device_token was not set.

What can I do?



asked 07 Apr '17, 07:11
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I've just tried to reproduce the issue and it seems that everything is working for me with the iOS Sample App. Could you please confirm that you have carefully followed all the steps of the iOS Guide?


Also may I ask you to try the mentioned sample? Does it work for you?

At last, what device did you use for testing and which Pushwoosh SDK and iOS versions are under question?

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answered 11 Apr '17, 13:07
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Vitaly Roman...

Hello, sorry for late comeback.. as it turns out I forgot to register the device by calling another method... I thought internally when asking to register, if successfully it automatically register the device.. but no, you have to do it manually on the callback delegate method.

So its good now.


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answered 11 Apr '17, 13:13
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