I'm stumped. Please help if you can.

I was looking at our PW registrations today (database logs) and noticed that there are BUNCH of registrations that all have the exact same hardware ID. Over 1,000 registrations. However they are all different users with unique Pushwoosh Tokens.

I am using the PhoneGap Build plugin (for the last several years) and our code base has not undergone any recent changes related to push.

  1. It never happens for Android registrations
  2. It's been happening for several months evidently
  3. Only about 32% of the registrations have that same HWID. The rest seem fine and are unique.
  4. It has happened as recently as yesterday (4/6/17)
  5. THIS is the recurring HWID: 'xxx07264fc6318a92b9e13c65db7cxxx'

Has anyone else seen this behavior or this HWID showing up in their system?

Thanks in advance for any/all feedback.

asked 07 Apr, 16:28
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In order to assist you better, may I ask you to contact our support team via https://www.pushwoosh.com/contact-us/ and provide us your Pushwoosh email/username?

Regards, Ivan

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answered 10 Apr, 09:41
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Unregister device from push notifications (by calling unregisterDevice method). Then try to send push notification to check if it will arrive (that will confirm duplicate HWID theory) Maybe that can be help or contact the customer service. Also you can visit https://essaykittens.com/

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answered 30 Jun, 22:57
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