Notifications worked fine, and suddenly stopped working. I tried to reconfigure for iOS and I get an error message 'Maximum number of certificates generated'. Any ideas?

asked 18 Apr, 11:57
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Everything you should do is to go to Apple Developer Console and delete one of your old certificates, then configure your application again.

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answered 20 Apr, 10:27
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As far as I can see, you have already submitted a ticket on this subject to our Support Team.

Regards, Ivan.

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answered 19 Apr, 10:47
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Sorry for stupid questions I'm real 5 days work with my first Mac , I have exactly same message when I try to create iOS Certificates -> Development -> iOS App Development. and check box disable with message : (Maximum number of certificates generated) . my question how I delite certificate through Apple Developer Console ? Thx

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answered 05 May, 08:22
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edited 05 May, 08:23


Please try to revoke it. Follow the link to find more detailed information:

Regards, Ivan

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answered 05 May, 09:21
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I am facing with this problem too. I was trying to upload some certified translators app, but got that error message. I've found that there are two possible certificates. I was using one of them, why then a problem appeared? And now I can't make a new certificate either...

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answered 12 Sep, 14:31
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If you have 'Maximum number of certificates generated' error message, you need to revoke one of your old certificates in order to create a new one.

Please refer to official Apple documentation regarding this subject:

(12 Sep, 15:20) idedov idedov's gravatar image
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