Hello all,

I use API for sending ~5000 notifications per day. I have my own service which send all these notifications every day at midnight, but it seems that many notifications get lost on the way somehow.

example: I sent one "/createMessage" request with 36 devices but on "Push History" i see that only less than 50% of them sent. why is that? what can be the reason?

I know there is one limit of maximum 1000 devices per one "/createMessage" request. There are any others limitations that i should know about?

Thanks in advance, Yoav.

asked 11 Jun '17, 09:27
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Hello Yoav,

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the pushes sent through API with less than 10 device push tokens in the "devices" parameter of the request is not stored in Push History due to the load balancing purposes. May it be the root cause of such discrepancies?

Besides, please note that non-enterprise accounts cannot send more than 600 createMessage and/or createTargetedMessage requests per minute.

Regards, Nikita

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answered 13 Jun '17, 06:26
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Hello Nikita,

Do you have any suggestions about my problem?

Regards, Yoav.

(02 Jul '17, 08:52) yoav yoav's gravatar image

Hello Nikita,

Thank you for your answer.

First of all, this problem happens also when requests contains more than 10 devices (as my example). Secondly, i have Premium account - How many createMessage requests can i send per minute?

Anyway, i checked the response of each request and i noticed that i get many UnknownDevices messgaes. i guess this is the problem. More than that, i know that few people which didn't delete the application doesn't receive notifications. so what can be the reason of these UnknownDevices messages?

Regards, Yoav.

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answered 15 Jun '17, 04:50
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