I wanted to ask something that really bothers me (by the way i am a new developer so forgive me for the ignorance). I want to know how when i am sending a push notification, when the user will press the notification, the app will be opened in a particular page which i will decide somehow in pushwoosh panel (this way most of the apps works today). (i built my app in Android Studio while i am redirecting to my web page.)

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We do provide such functionality as Deep Linking, which allows you to link to particular pages of your app from push notifications.

You will find more detailed information in our Guide:


Regards, Ivan

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answered 03 Jul '17, 06:47
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Thank you for your answer. As i said, my app is only one Activity which in this Activity i am redirecting to a webView so may i ask, those deep links can also do the same for this one? I mean, if i am redirecting to www.aaa.com and while i am sending the push i want the user to be redirected to www.aaa.com/promo inside the app, can i do that?

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Actually, I would like to suggest you look into the Mobile Deep Linking Guide which is a collaborative industry effort to provide a consistent, high-quality source of documentation on this topic. There you can find extended information regarding the implementation details for developers.


Regards, Alex

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Ok, will do that and will update here for any problems. Thank you.

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