After using <preference name="phonegap-version" value="cli-7.0.1"/>

also we are using <plugin name="pushwoosh-cordova-plugin" source="npm" version="7.0.4"> <variable name="ANDROID_FOREGROUND_PUSH" value="true"/> <variable name="IOS_FOREGROUND_ALERT_TYPE" value="ALERT"/> </plugin>

We are not able to see notification icon in android.

like see


If we follow google rules and make icon based alpha rules then it also not working for other android device. So if any one have solutions then kindly share with us.


asked 05 Sep '17, 11:52
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The following documentation explains the behaviour you've described:


You can also use "android_custom_icon" parameter in order to replace the default icon.

Regards, Ivan

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answered 07 Sep '17, 05:43
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Name the icon as pw_notification.png and put it in res/drawable folder. Pushwoosh SDK will use this icon as default for notifications.

I see one line . so i have one question like how to put icon manually in res drawable folder ?

We are creating build using phonegap build site.

(11 Sep '17, 04:30) himanshuipe himanshuipe's gravatar image

You can also use "android_custom_icon" parameter in order to replace the default icon.

is that remote url or from app ?

(19 Sep '17, 06:32) himanshuipe himanshuipe's gravatar image
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