Not able to update iOS Push certificate (.p12). Always getting "Cannot read p12 file" error.

My iOS certificate expired. So want to upload new certificate. Tried in manual method. But the system not accept new iOS certificate and display an error message "Cannot read p12 file".

alt text

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

asked 11 Sep '17, 06:10
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This error might appear due to the fact that you are uploading your developer certificate to the Control Panel instead of the APNs one. Could you please check whether that could be the case? In fact, there is no need to upload the .cer file, you could just upload the .p12 file and private key only to configure your iOS application.

Additionally, you can try to renew your certificate using Auto Configuration Tool in case your subscription restrictions allow you to do this.

Regards, Alex.

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answered 11 Sep '17, 08:06
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@Alex Uploading APN certificate only. Also tried p12 only with password as you mentioned. But no luck. Same error. Attached screenshot in question. Can you please check.

(11 Sep '17, 08:19) bala bala's gravatar image


Thank you for the information provided.

Did you try to use the Auto Configuration Tool that I have mentioned before?


(11 Sep '17, 09:11) Alex Alex's gravatar image

@Alex No. I am using free version only

(11 Sep '17, 09:41) bala bala's gravatar image

Got it thanks.

In order to investigate this issue in more details, could you please contact Pushwoosh support team directly using this form or using Help Tool in your Pushwoosh Control Panel?

(11 Sep '17, 10:15) Alex Alex's gravatar image
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