I am looking to try and integrate Helpshift push notifications, for iOS and Android, into our project which utilises Pushwoosh for push notifications.

Helpshift describes hooking into the relevant parts here; Android - https://developers.helpshift.com/unity/notifications-android/#other-plugins, iOS - https://developers.helpshift.com/unity/notifications-ios/##manual-push-support.

I'm having trouble identifying where in the native code I would need to hook in the code. Please can some explain to me the correct method of delegating push notifications, from other services, through Pushwoosh?

Ideally I would like to do this is a way that didn't remove my changes should I update the Pushwoosh SDK.

asked 14 Sep '17, 08:59
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Update: I have found out that the AppController is the correct place to integrate this code for iOS. Still stuck on what file I need to alter for Android.

(15 Sep '17, 12:12) LKWD JamesD LKWD%20JamesD's gravatar image

It appears I was asking the wrong question. I eventually discovered that the main reciever for the Unity app is mentioned in the manifest file as 'com.pushwoosh.GCMListenerService'. In order for other SDKs to utilise this I need to create a custom listener service and delagate events accordingly. This is described in the Android Pushwoosh documentation here.

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answered 27 Sep '17, 10:58
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