Hi every one. Today I've trying to find out why my Samsung Galaxy S6 was unable to clear the badge over the app icon. Let's start saying that I set the badge when my S6 was running Android 6, then I upgraded my S6 to Android 7 and now setBadgeNumber is not working anymore.

I'm using titanium 3.3.2 module for titanium platform (latest version as of writing). The exception that is shown in logcat when trying to set badge is:

[ERROR] Pushwoosh: [ShortcutBadger] Unable to execute badge [ERROR] Pushwoosh: com.pushwoosh.thirdparty.a.b: Unable to execute badge

So I've realized that PushWoosh is using ShortcutBadger library to set badges in android devices. I've installed ShortcutBadger tester (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.leolin.isbadgeworking) and it works like a charm. I've tested on Galaxy J3 (android 5.1.1), S6 (android 7) and S8 (android 7), getting successful results. But my app, which relies on PushWoosh module is not working S6 and S8 (both with android 7). As far as I can guess, PW module is using an older version of ShorcutBadger library.

Latest PushWoosh Android SDK (as of writing) is 5.0.4 while appcelerator-titanium module uses 4.12.2. Reading PW android SDK doc I see that there're breaking changes from 4.12.2 to 5.x. Could we have a new PW titanium module version (3.3.3) using a 4.12.3 version with this issue fixed??

Is there any thing I'm missing that could fix this issue without using any newer version?

Thanks in advance for your support.

asked 14 Sep '17, 17:32
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Ok, I registered an issue in github for titanium module. Anyone interested can track it in the following link


permanent link
answered 18 Sep '17, 17:25
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Thank you for the detailed information provided!

Actually, as far as I know, Pushwoosh developers are already aware of this issue and it will be fixed in the nearest time.

Thank you for the report on GitHub!

Stay tuned!

Regards, Alex.

(20 Sep '17, 05:42) Alex Alex's gravatar image
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