I want to configure a link that will could be used to both launch a cordova mobile app and/or navigate to a page in our web app. Based on the tags that I see in the /createmessage api this doesn't seem possible as it seems like the same tag would be used to configure the link for both devices with only the minimized tag indicating whether it should be used to launch the cordova app versus a device browser.

The need is because a user may be using either the web application or their mobile app when the notification comes in and we want to be able to launch them into both appropriately depending on where they click the link.

How could that be supported with Pushwoosh?

Thanks in advance!

asked 28 Sep '17, 19:43
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May I ask you how you are going to send messages, via Pushwoosh Control Panel or via API?

You can set the platform to which the push will be sent (web or mobile) in our Control Panel or in your /createMessage request using platforms API parameter.

For Android and iOS mobile push you should choose corresponding platforms and add a deep link.

To web push, you should add a link which could be added in Pushwoosh Send Push section of your Control Panel or using link API parameter.

So, it will be two different pushes in your Control Panel or two different API /createMessage requests with different platforms and link parameters.

Regards, Ivan

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answered 11 Oct '17, 03:39
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We will use the /createMessage endpoint of the API. Ah, so you're recommending that we create one request containing {"platforms": [1,3], "link": "http://something.com", minimize_link": 0} for mobile platforms and another request containing {"platforms": [10,11,12], "link": "http://somethingelse.com"} for web platforms.

That could potentially work, although it will double the number of pushes we have to generate under the assumption that we need to support web/mobile on every push. A great enhancement would be the ability to support both types in one request.

Thanks very much!

(11 Oct '17, 12:46) messnerc messnerc's gravatar image


Please note, that Deep Links are unavailable for web platforms. Could it be possible to send pushes for mobile and web platforms separately? You can add DeepLink to the mobile push, and the simple link to the web push.

Regards, Ivan

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answered 02 Oct '17, 05:57
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Thanks for the response, Ivan! I just wanted to clarify for sure that it is not possible to have a single push be used for both a DeepLink and a simple link.

I don't understand how sending separate pushes (mobile & web) would work. Since our system doesn't maintain the device types, as that is handled by Pushwoosh, I don't see how we would know when to send one or both pushes based on the registrations. We wouldn't want a user to receive multiple pushes on each platform for a single message, which seems like would be the result. Do I misunderstand your idea?

(10 Oct '17, 20:17) messnerc messnerc's gravatar image
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