I need some help. I'm trying to integrate with some success pw with my ionic 2 app. I'm having one problem that's driving me crazy. I can't unregisterDevices using cordova API with success.

My complete code is:

let pushNotification = cordova.require("pushwoosh-cordova-plugin.PushNotification");

      function (status) {
        console.log('success', status);
      function (status) {
        console.log('failure', status); // -> status = null


It's pretty the same code that I use to register User and works well, but when I call this unregisterDevice it's always returning: INVALID_PARAMETERS

I sorry to bother you with that but I tried to search the entire internet for this problem with nothing similar.

All methods, register, unregister, etc are in the same provider and the others work good, only this I got some problems.

Thank you for you help.

asked 29 Sep '17, 19:13
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As far as I can see you already have the ticket in our support system. Actually, for login and logout purposes it would be more convenient to use Tags.

You will find more detailed information in our Guide:


Regards, Ivan

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answered 02 Oct '17, 05:48
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Thank you for your quickly answer. I'll do it with tags. Case closed for me.

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answered 02 Oct '17, 13:42
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