hello, i'm trying to call postEvent with the RemoteAPI and PHP but the request always fails:

{"status_code": 210, "status_message": "Request format is not valid."}

my request looks like this:

PW] request: {"request":{"hwid":"XXXXXX","application":"XXXXXX","event":"my_event","attributes":{"key1":"1","key2":"1"},"timestampUTC":1508786404,"timestampCurrent":1508786404,"userId":"","device_type":1}}

can anyone point me in a direction?

i use the pwCall function from the documentation to send my request (see http://docs.pushwoosh.com/docs/createmessage under code example for PHP).

asked 23 Oct '17, 19:54
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I would like to point out the fact that the "userId" parameter has no value.

Please note that for the сorrect processing of /postEvent request it should contain all necessary parameters as it is described in our Guide, including "userId" parameter.

Generally, this parameter is set by our SDK and by default, it is equal to Hardware ID (HWID). However, this parameter is not set in your /postEvent request for some reason.

Regards, Ivan

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answered 25 Oct '17, 07:40
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hi igor,

thank you, i misunderstood the userId parameter. i now fill it with the hwid and it works.

regards, gianluca

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answered 25 Oct '17, 08:03
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We are glad to hear the issue is resolved!

Have a nice day!


(25 Oct '17, 10:23) iskoritzky iskoritzky's gravatar image
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