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It appears as though the /createMessage api does not operate within an atomic transaction. We had iOS enabled in our PW application, but it was not configured. When we posted the JSON to /createMessage with "platforms":[1,3,11,12] we received a 200 HTTPStatus code with a 210 status_code which is an argument error. The status_message indicated that the platform argument had something wrong with it, but in fact we received the toast message in our Firefox browser. So some of the platforms succeeded and at least one platform failed indicated by the 210 status_code.

The question is if some of the platforms succeed and some of the platforms fail what is the recommended approach for handling a status_code of 210? We don't know which platforms succeeded and which platforms failed. If we assume that all succeeded then some platforms will not never get the notification. If we assume that all failed and thus resend it then some platforms will be notified multiple times for a single notification. How should this be handled?


asked 01 Nov '17, 20:45
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May I ask you to contact our Support Team via Contact Us form and provide us with the full /createMessage request and the response for it?

Regards, Ivan

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answered 02 Nov '17, 07:03
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Thanks for a prompt response. I found that the issue resulted from having an enabled, but non-configured, iOS platform and a disabled Android platform. We have broken our platforms up into multiple notification items within the same payload so that we can configure the link for both mobile and browser platforms. Since neither mobile platform was able to send the message I guess PW responded with that 210 platform message.

Can you point me to where I can fine a a list of all of the potential 210 status_message types that we could receive? I haven't such a list in the documentation.

(02 Nov '17, 14:38) messnerc messnerc's gravatar image


Actually, we have a brief status_codes description in Guide. However, since all necessary information for 210 code is reflected in the status message, we do not provide a full list of such messages.

Regards, Ivan

(03 Nov '17, 06:20) iskoritzky iskoritzky's gravatar image
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