Queries listed below: 1) Is it good practice to register device from client-side or server-side 2) I have implemented server-side to register device, which occurs each time on login. Doing this(without unregistering) each time seems that the push is not getting delivered to client.

asked 07 Nov '17, 13:30
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By default, the registration procedure is performed by our SDK automatically, calling /registerDevice method. And we strongly discourage you from doing this manually.

Regards, Ivan

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answered 08 Nov '17, 09:16
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Thanks for replying back. But do you think will that be the reason why create message's push notification was not working?

We register manually each time on login success in server end. It works first time and not on consecutive login. Just trying to understand the root cause of the issue.

(08 Nov '17, 11:15) Shakthipriyan Shakthipriyan's gravatar image

In order to investigate the issue better, could you please provide us with more details?

It will be helpful to see 1. console logs from the device with /registerDevice method being called, 2. message id (from Push History) of push notification which was not received, 3. the full text of /createMessage request.

May I ask you to submit a ticket to our Support System: https://www.pushwoosh.com/contact-us/ and provide us this info?

Thanks, Ivan

(08 Nov '17, 11:56) iskoritzky iskoritzky's gravatar image
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