In the documentation, it is given that user tags to be defined during Pushwoosh initialization, this doesn't work well if I am trying to assign values in tags dynamically from user input. How can I work around this?

asked 12 Dec '17, 09:30
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May I ask you to describe the issue and use case in more details? Could you please specify how exactly you have assigned the value? Am I correct that you are using /setTags method?

Regards, Ivan

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answered 12 Dec '17, 10:24
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No, I am adding tag during initialization on js

function PushSubs(){ var interest = document.getElementById('myInterests').value;

Pushwoosh.push(['init', { logLevel: 'info', applicationCode: 'XXXXX-XXXXX', autoSubscribe: false, tags: {'Sports Interest': interest }}]);

Pushwoosh.subscribe(); }

Pushwoosh.push(['onSubscribe', function(api) { console.log('User successfully subscribed'); }]);

This code works fine for setting tag dynamically, but it creates other problems since Pushwoosh is initialized only when this function PushSubs() is called.

(13 Dec '17, 06:06) shashwat07 shashwat07's gravatar image

If I put the init outside any particular function, everything works fine except the part where I can add users to tags dynamically. Since,the initialization happens as soon as the page loads.

(13 Dec '17, 06:08) shashwat07 shashwat07's gravatar image


Actually, you can set onReady instead of onSubscribe or use just Pushwoosh.push(function(api).

You will find more detailed information in our Guide:

Could you please check it and let us know about the results?

Regards, Ivan

(15 Dec '17, 12:04) iskoritzky iskoritzky's gravatar image
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