We're a current user of PushWoosh and are now looking to enhance how we send notifications.

One of the things we would like to do is to customise the notifications we send so that users can select the notification and have options to mute further notifications for a period of time. We think we can do this with setting up IOS categories. We haven't yet tried this but reading the manual seems to indicate we can :)

However we can't see anyway to do an equivalent operation on Android. The PushWoosh manual doesn't indicate that this is an option and Google doesn't seem to be any help, which makes us think that Android doesn't allow users to have custom buttons or their equivalent.

Is there any way to do this so our IOS and Android users have the same user experience?



asked 05 Jan, 12:42
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Hello Rob!

May I ask you which Android SDK version you are using?

Actually, on Android, you can customize the view of push notifications (add buttons, etc.) by creating a custom Factory:


Regards, Ivan

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answered 09 Jan, 05:43
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We've installed up to the API 27, though we target API 21 or higher. We find that most of our customers haven't migrated off Android 5.0 to later versions.

If we have to write Java to make this work, we're dead in the water as we have zero Java skills, C - Yes, SQL - Yes, Java - No.


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answered 09 Jan, 07:13
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