I am trying to implement a GCMListenerService as we have two systems in our game that use GCM. I have been able the setup the listener service and I can output push data from each platform. I am confused by the following snippet of the documentation;

if (TextUtils.equals(from, getString(R.string.PUSHWOOSH_PROJECT_ID))) {
    dispatchMessage(PushGcmIntentService.class.getName(), data);
else if (TextUtils.equals(from, getString(R.string.PRIVATE_PROJECT_ID))) {
    dispatchMessage(PrivateGCMListenerService.class.getName(), data);

I am using the Unity plugin (5.5.3) and I cannot find references to these classes. Thus I am guessing they are sample code, but I am unable to find any documentation that accepts Bundle objects to process the push data.

What class/function do I need to pass the data to? What package is it in? Do I need to include any dependencies?

asked 17 Jan, 09:17
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In case anyone is interested, I got in touch with Pushwoosh support and found out that you can use the NotificationServiceExtension class to manually handle pushes. I created the service when constructing and then used it to handle any of my Pushwoosh data objects.

public class GCMListenerRouterService extends GcmListenerService
    NotificationServiceExtension service;

    public GCMListenerRouterService()
        service = new NotificationServiceExtension();

    private void dispatchMessage(String component, Bundle data)
        Intent intent = new Intent();
        intent.setComponent(new ComponentName(getPackageName(), component));

        GcmReceiver.startWakefulService(getApplicationContext(), intent);

    public void onMessageReceived(String from, Bundle data)
        // Base GCM listener service removes this extra before calling onMessageReceived
        // Need to set it again to pass intent to another service
        data.putString("from", from);

        String origin = data.getString("origin");
        if (origin != null && origin.equals("something"))
            //Filter push to relevant handler here.
            //Handle with Pushwoosh.
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answered 22 Jan, 14:47
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