previously I am using Pushwoosh android sdk version 5.0.2 but this version doesn't support Android Orio, due to this My App is crashing in android Orio, SO when I updated its version to latest plugin version, device token is not registering. Pushwoosh.getInstance().registerForPushNotifications(result -> { if (result.isSuccess()) { Log.d(LTAG, "Successfully registered for push notifications with token: " + result.getData()); } else { Log.d(LTAG, "Failed to register for push notifications:u " + result.getException().getMessage()); } }); After updating with the latest version the strange behavior which I found is I am not getting response I.e Success or Fail, log is not showing neither Log of If nor Log of else

asked 29 Jan, 12:57
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Hello Hussain,

Am I correct that you have already contacted our support team regarding this issue?

Regards, Ivan

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answered 31 Jan, 08:40
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@iskoritzky Yes I contacted, found the issue that's why this issue is happening to me ? Please let me know if change the Sender ID in Pushwoosh Dashboard user token will destroy So If when user update our app then will they again register

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answered 31 Jan, 09:11
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edited 31 Jan, 09:14

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