The sample code works but never call the CALLBACK. But I receive this messages in console:

[INFO] :   GCMIntentService: Received message

[WARN] :   PushEventsTransmitter: No android.permission.BROADCAST_STICKY. Reverting to simple broadcast
[WARN] :   PushWoosh: NetworkUtils: PushWooshResult: {"status_code":200,"status_message":"OK","response":null}
[WARN] :   W/PushWoosh DeviceFeature2_5: Send MsgDelivered success
[WARN] :   W/PushWoosh DeviceFeature2_5: Try To sent PushStat
[ERROR] :  MessageActivity: Can't launch activity. Are you sure you have an activity with '' action in your manifest?

But if I put a "SetTimeout" works, but the notification disapear from status bar when app is in background.

Some clue ?

asked 20 Apr '14, 13:44
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edited 20 Apr '14, 13:53

I think it's a bug, I receive: [INFO] : GCMIntentService: Received message

but the callback never execute

I try with the last module in Github, but with the previous still don't working.

(20 Apr '14, 14:28) fukhaos fukhaos's gravatar image


It seems that actually there is a gap in our guide, which we will certainly fix in the nearest future. Thank you for pointing it out!

Please try to add the following code in android -> manifest -> application tag

            <action android:name="APP-ID.MESSAGE" />
            <category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />
            <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
            <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />

Please note that you should replace APP-NAME and APP-ID with the value of tag <name> and <id> respectively.

If it doesn't help, please contact our Support team via Contact us form on our website.

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answered 22 Apr '14, 03:54
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edited 22 Apr '14, 03:59

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Dmitry Dyudeev

The problem with the last correction is that the notification disappear when received. My android phone, receive the notification, display it and remove it immediately!

Update: Of course this happen only when the app is running. If I set a link to open while the app is running the notification disappear immediately. Is there a method to keep it in the status bar?

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answered 28 Aug '14, 10:41
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edited 29 Aug '14, 08:44

Hi, Did you solve your problem. Even i also want to keep alive the notification till i user doesn't click or remove from notification.

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answered 11 Sep '14, 02:55
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