i think the title is explicit enough. I've got 3 provision profiles; development, ad-hoc and distribution, when i configure , for example, the ad-hoc one, development & distribution profiles become invalid.

Is this behavior normal? do i have to configure the provision profiles each time i need them?

asked 24 Apr '14, 11:22
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@datawaslost: I tried uploading a new build .ipa to TestFlight that was signed using my regular dev provisioning profile (not ad-hoc distribution-ready). TestFlight gives you a warning that things may not work as you desire. However, I have twenty TestFlight users who are happily using the app and successfully getting push notifications.

For me, this "solution" was good enough to unblock my current progress. I hope that this message can be of some assistance to you.

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answered 29 May '14, 00:19
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In this case you probably should skip this step and make push profile compatible manually. just go to the Apple Dev Portal and "edit" the provisioning profile. As long as you have "aps-environment" entry it in (open in text editor to check) - it is good for action.

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answered 30 Apr '14, 17:34
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When I deploy my app directly from Xcode to a device using my dev provisioning profile, the device will receive push notifications properly for the app.

However, when I deploy my app to a device via TestFlight and signed with an Ad-hoc provisioning profile, the device will not receive push notifications for the app. My ad hoc provisioning profile does say it supports push notifications - see screenshot here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uca5kr365n1se3k/Screenshot%202014-05-16%2014.35.12.png

Can you offer any suggestions?

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answered 16 May '14, 22:06
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I'm having this same problem on TestFlight - did you find a solution?

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answered 29 May '14, 00:15
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