I am having new, intermittent but frequent problems with createMessage using PHP. Our service sends push notifications to our users relatively frequently throughout the day. PushWoosh has been great for us, until now. We use a Premium account.

It works fine for hours, then it seems to not work for an hour or so several times per day. It's almost like we are being throttled? I hope not, since it's unlimited.

I use PushWoosh's sample PHP code. I've been using it successfully for a while, no issues at all. Suddenly this week it works then it doesn't work, on and off. It never just misses a push here and there. It misses blocks of them for an hour or so, then starts working again.

Their sample code has some error checking but not a lot. I narrowed it down to the fopen sometimes failing right after the stream_context_create call in their doPostRequest() function. But I can't control that and I have no idea why the fopen would fail.

Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated. I have thousands of paying users that rely on these pushes on a daily basis. So this is rather urgent.

asked 25 Apr '14, 00:36
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Sadly, still no answer on this from PushWoosh.

Is anyone else seeing this issue? Who else is using the API in PHP to create messages? Maybe everyone is using the control panel??

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answered 27 Apr '14, 01:16
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