Hi! Couple of questions:

  1. I´m trying to configure iOS notifications, however when I upload my .cer, .p12 and put the password I get an error saying "Certificate is not valid", with no further input about the reasons. It´s weird because those are the files I´ve been using to build my app and test it on the device with PG Build. What could be the reason? I´m on a Trial right now.

  2. I also tried connecting automatically but I get an error saying incorrect username or password which is not true, I´m pretty sure I know my login details to the Member Center of Apple :) It´s because I´m on trial? (I don´t think so because as the panel says: "You have a Trial account with all Premium features")

Thanks guys!

asked 26 Apr '14, 18:09
Daniel%20Chinchilla's gravatar image

Daniel Chinc...

Unfortunately, Apple Developer Center is down today, so it might be the reason.

I'm pretty sure it will work fine after they are back online, but if it's not the case, please contact our support team (help@pushwoosh.com) with your Pushwoosh username, and we will help you to sort it out.

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answered 28 Apr '14, 13:32
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Alex Spotar

Thank you Alexander! I just went premium and made the process with the automatic configuration. Beautiful <3

I´ll be working with the PG Build configuration, I´ll probably need some help. Thanks!

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answered 28 Apr '14, 23:04
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Daniel Chinc...

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