Hello, i I am using cordova 3.4.1 with two plugins: - facebook (for social login) - pushwoosh (for push messages)

Both newest version!

Since a few days I can´t upload my new binaries to itunes connect via the application loader. The upload process fails with the message: "improper IDFA usage"...

I searched and found some usage of the IDFA String by the pushwoosh plugin.

So it might be pushwoosh failure...

Any suggestions?

asked 28 Apr '14, 10:08
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Cordova CLI Pushwoosh SDK was updated today and no longer using IDFA. Phonegap Build Plugin (not CLI, but the one on the PGB) is not yet updated as we are experiencing some issue with PGB system during the plugin update. PGB team is looking into the issue.

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answered 30 Apr '14, 17:13
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@monsterapp They fixed the Cordova CLI. Use cli to remove plugin then add it back.

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answered 01 May '14, 15:30
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I am seeing this problem too. Apple denied my app update.

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answered 29 Apr '14, 21:55
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Problem is the use of the "advertisingIdentifier" in this piece of code (PushNotificationManager.m):

if ([ASIdentifierManager class]) {
    NSString *uuidString = [[ASIdentifierManager sharedManager].advertisingIdentifier UUIDString];
        if (uuidString) {
            return uuidString;

The Advertising-ID should only be used for advertising, so the binary is rejected if you use PushWoosh and don't have Inapp-Ads enabled. Even then, you have to answer some questions regarding IDFA, which cannot be answered correctly in this use case (since you don't use the ID for ads).

From my point of view, the only way to enable PushWoosh again is to remove the advertising id from the code. This might lead to issues, when users have registred with the "old" token and now come back with the "new" one?

Any feedback from PushWoosh? This is a major bug ... sorry.

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answered 30 Apr '14, 09:44
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Our latest plugins use IDFV instead of IDFA. Could you please specify which SDKs and their versions you are using?

As for the Cordova plugin, we are aware of this issue and working on it right now!

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answered 30 Apr '14, 13:06
Nikolay%20Semenov's gravatar image

Nikolay Semenov

edited 30 Apr '14, 14:04

I'm using latest Cordova CLI PushWoosh SDK. I need to get my app updated asap. When you fix this bug can you explain whether we need to check Yes or No for IDFA? I'm assuming No, but I hate getting stuck in Apple's stupid iTunes Connect process.

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answered 30 Apr '14, 15:43
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I am facing the same question, I am using CLI cordova 3.4.1. Is it the lastest one? So, what can I do?

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answered 01 May '14, 06:24
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Could you please point us to the specific location in our GitHub repo? Both native and PhoneGap SDKs were updated with IDFV as soon as Apple changed their recommendations from IDFA to IDFV.


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answered 06 May '14, 18:47
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i am using <gap:plugin name="com.pushwoosh.plugins.pushwoosh" version="3.0.2"/>

but keep getting error like this

"Improper Advertising Identifier [IDFA] Usage. Your app contains the Advertising Identifier [IDFA] API but you have not indicated its usage on the Prepare for Upload page in iTunes Connect."

please notif when the Phonegap Build Plugin will be updated!


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answered 15 May '14, 16:45
Leo%20Chen's gravatar image

Leo Chen

Our latest plugin does not use IDFA. Could you please make sure you are using the latest one?

(15 May '14, 17:09) Nastya Nastya's gravatar image
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