I want to set more then one value for a specific tag per device. Here is a piece of the request string:


When i take a look at the tags in the pushwoosh control panel i see that the tag has been altered but the value that has been added is "" (nothing, empty string)

Is this the correct way to be adding multiple values for one tag per device?

Thanks for your answer.



asked 04 May '14, 07:37
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Yes, it's the correct way to set multiple values of the List type tag for the device.

  "hwid": "",
       "ListTagName": ["value1", "value2", "value3"],
       "AnotherListTagName": ["value1", "value2", "value3"]

Please try our latest Titanium module with some fixes regarding list tags: https://pushwoosh.zendesk.com/attachments/token/roqIF25FdYtRKOYJcND7CBTpQ/?name=Pushoowsh+Titanium+module.zip

If it doesn't work, please contact our support (help@pushwoosh.com) with your Pushwoosh username so that we can locate your account and look into the issue precisely.

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answered 05 May '14, 11:21
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Alex Spotar

edited 05 May '14, 11:29

Thanks Alexander!

I'll update the module. I'm currently developing for iOS. The link you gave is for the android version :-) The strange thing is, is that i installed the new version of the app on my iPad and the iPad is still receiving notifications. (Even after registerring and un-registerring a couple of times)

So perhaps there is something wrong with my iPhone and how it is registered in the pushwoosh DB?



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answered 05 May '14, 11:57
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Maybe you forgot to make JSON object from your request string? Function call should be something like that:


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answered 06 May '14, 13:43
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