I will try to set the icon that will come out in the status bar.

Please enter the path of all. However, I'm not sure.

It will be good if you give me an example. (Ex: res / drawable / noti_icon.png example)

asked 07 May '14, 09:46
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Actually, in the "Icon" field in your Control Panel you can specify only a URL to some image file stored outside of the application (for instance, on your server). In case you would like to use a custom icon that is stored in the bundle of your app, you can use the "android_icon" section of the createMessage request; unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible via Control Panel, although it is definitely on our roadmap.

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answered 07 May '14, 09:57
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Dmitry Dyudeev


Could you please clarify how to use a different icon for the push notification? I don't want to use an image url I want to use one of my drawable inside the project. You mentioned android_icon in the section create message, but I don't understand what you meant by that.


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answered 17 Mar '15, 12:22
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This question is unanswered. I'm also trying to set android_icon to point to a PNG file in the app's resources. I've tried loads of ways of specifying a path but only the default icon is shown, not my one.

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answered 24 May '16, 16:59
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The only way to define an icon for PNs is to do nothing and the PW plugin (for PhoneGap at least) will automatically use the icons defined in config.xml. It's not the ideal solution as I'd like to specify the icon with each PN.

(24 May '16, 19:55) Gary_oo Gary_oo's gravatar image
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