It´s not clear enough or I just don´t understand.

I got a .wav file in the root of the project, however the sound is not working, where show I put it? Thanks!

asked 19 May '14, 13:57
Daniel%20Chinchilla's gravatar image

Daniel Chinc...


Actually, you should just put it in the bundle of your application. For instance, if you are developing an Android application using PhoneGap, you should put the sound file in res/raw folder.

Please note that custom sounds do not work at the moment on PhoneGap Build, although we are currently working on it.

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answered 21 May '14, 09:44
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Perfect! Thank you very much! :)

(22 May '14, 13:47) Daniel Chinc... Daniel%20Chinchilla's gravatar image

HI, Any Update on Custom sound using PhoneGap Build ? I want to add custom sound and i am using Phonegap Build.

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answered 08 Jul '15, 17:48
Mayur%20Panchal's gravatar image

Mayur Panchal

Is now custom sounds available for phoneGap ?

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answered 26 Dec '14, 14:45
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Yes for Phonegap-Cordova, no for Phonegap Build as it puts sounds in "www" folder which unfortunately is not res/raw.

(29 Dec '14, 06:23) shader shader's gravatar image

Is there any way to change the directory to target www/ instead of res/raw?

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answered 11 Jan '15, 01:45
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See answer below

(13 Jan '15, 06:12) shader shader's gravatar image

The plugin version 3.4.6 has been pushed live. It includes support for custom notification sounds in Phonegap Build. The sounds should go in "www/res" folder.

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answered 13 Jan '15, 06:12
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edited 13 Jan '15, 06:12

I have added the sound file to my www/res folder but i'm still unable to get any sound to work, i am using phonegap build 3.6.3


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answered 21 Jan '15, 19:41
Brad%20Holz's gravatar image

Brad Holz

I understand sounds for android not supported for cordova? I tried call "android_sound" : "file:///android_asset/www/sound/messageSound" and "file:///android_asset/www/res/messageSound"

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answered 05 Feb '15, 20:36
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