I am using the phonegap plugin with cordova 3.4.0 on an android.

In the push-notification event handler the event.notification.userdata is only vald if the app is in the foreground when the push notification is received.

If the userdata that I send is {"m":"value"} the userdata will have an "m" property when the app is running, but when the app has to be started first by tapping on the message the "m" property does not exists.

When the event handler is defined as:

document.addEventListener('push-notification', function(event) { alert(JSON.stringify(event.notification)); });

If the app is running the alert will display

{"u":"{\"m\":\"value\"}", "userdata":{"m":"value"},"title": etc.

If the app is started or put in the forground the alert will display

{"u":"{\"m\":\"value\"}", "userdata":{\"m\": \"value\"},"title":

The quotes around "m" and "value" are now escaped with backslashes.

event.notification.userdata.m will now be "undefined"

asked 20 May '14, 01:37
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Hello, please note that I have responded to your support ticket several hours ago - our developers have provided a new Pushwoosh.jar file. Please let us know about the results, so we could update the .jar in case everything works.

(20 May '14, 09:15) Dmitry Dyudeev Dmitry%20%20Dyudeev's gravatar image

Has new Pushwoosh.jar file already been deployed since we're are experiencing the same problem.

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answered 12 Jun '14, 07:53
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