Much appreciate if anyone can help with the remote API parameter setting for sending notification to an Android device by .Net web service.

I'm getting the ResponseText below:

{"status_code":210,"status_message":"Please select at least one platform","response":null}

Code: alt text

If I remove the platform parameter, the Response Text will become: alt text

P.S Sorry I didn't mention that I used the int Array in "platform" and got the error, so that I tried the string value, also the same.

asked 20 May '14, 05:10
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edited 20 May '14, 06:05

Please note that "platforms" parameter value is not a string, so it should be just:

new JProperty("platforms",
   new JArray(3)),
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answered 20 May '14, 05:40
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Alex Spotar

edited 20 May '14, 06:19

Sorry Alex, I didn't mention that I used the int Array and got the error, then I tried the string value, also the same.

(20 May '14, 06:02) Linerd_push Linerd_push's gravatar image

Please check my edited answer, it should work - you don't have to create another object in the array.

(20 May '14, 06:21) Alex Spotar Alex%20Spotar's gravatar image

Yes after I edit platform & device Array it works, thank you Alex. And I guess the Official .Net Sample code is wrong. Because my Array code is copied from that:

(20 May '14, 06:28) Linerd_push Linerd_push's gravatar image

Thanks for spotting the error, I will review and edit this sample code

(20 May '14, 06:31) Alex Spotar Alex%20Spotar's gravatar image

My pleasure. That's great for subsequent users. And it should inform that these 2 parameters in sample code are used for Windows Phone only: new JProperty("wp_type", "Toast"), new JProperty("wp_count", 3),

(20 May '14, 06:40) Linerd_push Linerd_push's gravatar image
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