When notification arrive, both if the application is open or closed, if the user click on the notification alert the PUSH_NOTIFICATION_RECEIVED_EVENT event is triggered, the application take focus and everything going well.

There's some way to trigger the RECEIVED_EVENT if the application is active and the user doesn't click on the notification?

I'm currently developing an adobe mobile application ( flex + air4.0) and so i'm using the last pushwoosh ane released.

In the preinitialize method of mainapp i've wrote this:

pushwoosh = PushNotification.getInstance();
pushwoosh.addEventListener(PushNotificationEvent.PERMISSION_GIVEN_WITH_TOKEN_EVENT, onPWToken);
pushwoosh.addEventListener(PushNotificationEvent.PERMISSION_REFUSED_EVENT, onPWError);
pushwoosh.addEventListener(PushNotificationEvent.PUSH_NOTIFICATION_RECEIVED_EVENT, onPWPushReceived);

In a custom login method of mainapp:


And this is the listener binded to the main PW event:

public function onPWToken(e:PushNotificationEvent):void
   trace("PUSH TOKEN : " + e.token + " ");

Now, when i run my app (on android e/ on iOS) the pushwoosh object is initialized correctly, next when i login the onDeviceReady & registerForPushNotification method is called, i receive my deviceToken and so on, everything going well.

When i send a push message to the application, the notification is delivered correctly to the device, if the apps is running or not, but if the user doesnt click on the system notification message (in top of the screen) the PushNotificationEvent.PUSH_NOTIFICATION_RECEIVED_EVENT is not called.

So my question is: how can i trigger the arrive of a new message without the click of the user?

asked 22 May '14, 17:33
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Could you please describe your case a bit more?

Please note that by default the notification is opened when your user receives it while your application is on foreground.

Aside from that, am I correct that you are working with iOS?

(26 May '14, 12:02) Dmitry Dyudeev Dmitry%20%20Dyudeev's gravatar image


i have updated my question with pieces of code...

(26 May '14, 13:37) piofree2014 piofree2014's gravatar image

Have you found a solution?

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answered 27 Apr '15, 22:06
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