Is there a way I can override the default notification processing of the Android library and handle the notification event myself? Basically, call the NotificationManager.notify() method myself, with my own notification? The PushWoosh API doesn't provide some customization that I would like to implement (custom LED colours, inbox style notifications, etc)

asked 23 May '14, 20:55
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I was wondering the exact same thing. I need to display different type of layouts for my notifications and I can't find the way of doing it with this library.

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answered 16 Mar '15, 16:31
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Hi Roberto, you might try to create a custom intent service inherited from our "PushGCMIntentService":

If you need to handle custom notifications from your server, you should create a class extended from, and include this custom intent service under the “PW_PUSH_SERVICE” tag in your manifest file.

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answered 17 Mar '15, 09:34
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I assume you're suggesting overriding the method, yes? How are we supposed to know what gets done internally in that method that we need to sync with to ensure things like delivery status' are handled properly, since PushWoosh chose to close off it's source code?

Just as an example, without decompiling the source code, how would one know that calls which calls which I assume does something to sync the delivered status of those messages. Without doing this, wouldn't the stats be off.

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answered 17 Mar '15, 15:17
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