Can I modify the push notification to go to specific page in the app made in phonegap when a notification is received?

For example, a notification appeared in the status bar, the user taps it and it opens the app and goes to "about us" screen. Can the link also come from pushwoosh and not embedded in the code?

asked 04 Jun '14, 03:30
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As we have already discussed with Clint in a support ticket, the Custom data feature would do the trick. It allows to send a "key":"value" pair (please see screenshot attached) for application to process when user taps on the notification.

For instance, in our Android demo application (you can download it in Google Play), you can change the background color with the following custom data: { "r" : "0 - 255", "g" : "0 - 255", "b" : "0 - 255" }

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answered 04 Jun '14, 11:10
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Dmitry Dyudeev

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Como funciona eso. No entendí. Hay algún titutorial

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answered 26 Nov '14, 02:21
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Please try to write in English if possible. Thanks!

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you explain how this works you? there is a tutorial?.

(26 Nov '14, 13:07) newmesis newmesis's gravatar image

Basically you retrieve custom data and open the page accordingly. We are working on the guide/example for this!

(28 Nov '14, 09:58) shader shader's gravatar image

Hi please, how do I determine if the app is running or not running while handling push notifications? What event does clickingt a notification fire?

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answered 26 Feb '15, 18:12
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This is also a question I am trying to find an answer to. A guide would be great! How do I get it to load my app after clicking the notification? by default it goes to the web rather than opening the app.

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answered 16 Jul '15, 14:47
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