Any one can suggest me how can I disable default notification in android through PushGCMIntentService class.

I am able to display my custom notification, but not able to disable default PushWoosh notification on message receive event.

Thanks in advance..:-) Sumeet.

asked 04 Jun '14, 10:27
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Hello Sumeet,

Actually, you can create a custom push intent service that extends PushGCMIntentService, that would receive all the main events, such as onRegistered, onUnregistered, onMessage, etc. You can re-define these methods in order to change your application's behaviour.

Please note that you would have to replace the following line in the Manifest

< service android:name="com.arellomobile.android.push.PushGCMIntentService" />


< service android:name=".CustomPushService" />
< meta-data android:name="PW_PUSH_SERVICE" android:value="PACKAGE_NAME.CustomPushService" />
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answered 05 Jun '14, 11:48
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Dmitry Dyudeev

edited 05 Jun '14, 11:52

Thanks a lot Dmitry, your solution worked for me.

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answered 06 Jun '14, 12:02
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I'm trying to push message String in JSON format like {"modelName":"XVU-519"}. It's showing the JSON String value in notification/status bar but it's now how I wanted it to be. I tried this solution for me to disable showing of notification and code is below, for simplicity I comment it out not to invoke the overriden method.

public class CustomPushService extends PushGCMIntentService {

private final String TAG = CustomPushService.class.getSimpleName();

protected void onRegistered(Context context, String s) {
    super.onRegistered(context, s);

protected void onUnregistered(Context context, String s) {
    super.onUnregistered(context, s);

protected void onMessage(Context context, Intent intent) {
    //super.onMessage(context, intent);
    Log.d(TAG, "onMessage " + intent.getExtras().getString(PushManager.PUSH_RECEIVE_EVENT));


On my log message is null.

CustomPushService﹕ onMessage null

Any answer what's wrong with my implementation? It would be much helpful if a utility class have method of defining behavior to show or not to show the push message receive. Thanks! :)

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answered 11 Jun '14, 11:41
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