I'm using Pushwoosh with Phonegap build for Android and iOS.

I wanna send a silent notification to the app. Thus without sound, alerts and messages in the notification area. So only the app receives the notification and use the custom data for updating purposes.

Is this possible?

asked 04 Jun '14, 19:18
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It is already possible for iOS (see Send Silent Notification option in iOS section of the Control Panel). As for Android, it requires some changes to our SDK, and it's planned. We expect to have it live in a two weeks time.

alt text

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answered 05 Jun '14, 04:45
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Alex Spotar


This will still show the push message in a popup, only the with no sound.

Is it also possible to send the message with no sound and no popup?

And I prefer to send it with the API.

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answered 05 Jun '14, 13:50
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Got solution? I am still searching for proper answer :(

(06 Jul '16, 15:23) Sukku Sukku's gravatar image


Are Silent Notification already available for Android? And will they work with the API?

Regards, Erik

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answered 23 Jun '14, 11:26
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Silent notifications for Android are almost ready, we expect to have them live next week with our next update. They will be available both in Control Panel and through API.

(23 Jun '14, 12:32) Alex Spotar Alex%20Spotar's gravatar image

Hi Alex,

When will this be live?

(08 Jul '14, 15:36) 4umedia 4umedia's gravatar image

Also, is silent notification for iOS an option when creating the push from your API? That's my use case. I want to send messages to the phone and control if the alert pops up or not, and I want to generate those messages either from your website, OR by using the web API.

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answered 11 Jul '14, 00:22
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Where is the documentation on which parameters to set in the data of the push message?

Setting android_sound to empty string doesn't work on Android phones using API 1.3.

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answered 07 Jan '15, 14:56
HenrikErlandsson's gravatar image


empty android_sound cannot create silent message. You can try create silent.wav file and add it to project and send to API android_sound: "silent.wav"

(08 Jan '15, 14:11) XXXX XXXX's gravatar image

P.S. new SDK update will allow silent push on Android.

(10 Jan '15, 09:11) shader shader's gravatar image
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