Hi, I am trying to implement push woosh API in my Android application and getting error. It seems register process is OK but setTags fails (getting blocked in the main thread). Please advice. See bellow log file:

06-11 15:23:40.591: W/System.err(13744): com.arellomobile.android.push.exception.PushWooshException: android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException 06-11 15:23:40.591: W/System.err(13744): at com.arellomobile.android.push.PushManager.sendTagsFromBG(Unknown Source) 06-11 15:23:40.591: W/System.err(13744): at com.pushwoosh.plugin.pushnotifications.PushNotifications.internalSendTags(PushNotifications.java:321) 06-11 15:23:40.591: W/System.err(13744): at com.pushwoosh.plugin.pushnotifications.PushNotifications.execute(PushNotifications.java:378) 06-11 15:23:40.599: W/System.err(13744): at com.arellomobile.android.push.request.RequestManager.makeRequest(Unknown Source) 06-11 15:23:40.599: W/System.err(13744): at com.arellomobile.android.push.request.RequestManager.sendRequest(Unknown Source) 06-11 15:23:40.599: W/System.err(13744): at com.arellomobile.android.push.DeviceFeature2_5.sendTags(Unknown Source) 06-11 15:23:40.599: W/PluginManager(13744): THREAD WARNING: exec() call to PushNotification.setTags blocked the main thread for 28ms. Plugin should use CordovaInterface.getThreadPool(). 06-11 15:23:40.607: D/CordovaLog(13744): file:///android_asset/www/js/lib/phonegap/cordova.js: Line 1034 : processMessage failed: Message: F07 PushNotification1169643433 sInvalid action 06-11 15:23:40.607: I/Web Console(13744): processMessage failed: Message: F07 PushNotification1169643433 sInvalid action at file:///android_asset/www/js/lib/phonegap/cordova.js:1034

asked 11 Jun '14, 13:15
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Amit Nadir


we also have seen this issue and investigate a bit more on this:

This happens with cordova/phonegap since version 3.4 because they have changed the behavior in CordovaWebView.exposeJSInterface() method. All devices with Android < 4.2 using the prompt bridge which means every JS-Call on the Java-Side is executed on the main thread. And the PushManager.sendTagsFromBG in the plugin do the webrequest on the same thread.

There is no issue with Android >= 4.2

I consider this as a bug in the PushManager.sendTagsFromBG() method or in the cordova plugin PushNotifications.internalSendTags() method.

Please Pushwoosh, could you fix this.

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answered 14 Jul '14, 10:25
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Daniel Toplak

Same problem here - Would be nice to have a fix for this.

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answered 14 Oct '14, 08:58
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We have received a patch from Pushwoosh for Android which fixes the problem, unfortunately this patch is not in the github repo :-(. I suggest that you send a request via the contact us form.

(16 Oct '14, 06:53) Daniel Toplak Daniel%20Toplak's gravatar image

Please don't forget to update Pushwoosh Cordova plugin to 3.4.0!

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answered 24 Nov '14, 12:12
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