My understanding, although I have never done Push Notifications before was the message is sent via the following route ...

PHP Script -> Apple Notification Center -> IOS App

So where does PushWoosh come into this? Is the model above not the correct model. What is the correct model in the way that I have described above?

Do I still need a PHP script to send the message to PushWoosh, or do I send it to Apple Notification Center?


asked 13 Jun '14, 12:40
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In general, the basic route is correct, but development of push notifications involves a number of things you have to take care of in the backend - maintain the database of device tokens; store values associated with them (i.e. tags); manage active and inactive devices; split delivery into various channels for various groups of devices (Country and language segmentation, timezones, etc.); properly connect to GCM, APNs, WPNS, etc. That's only backend, and you will have to implement push notifications in the application as well.

Pushwoosh takes care of everything above, and significantly simplifies the whole process - all you have to do is configure the app in Pushwoosh to connect with APNs, GCM and corresponding push services, and integrate our SDK into your application. After that you can use all necessary features (such as filtering, multi-language, timezoning, dynamic content, platform-specific settings, etc.) in both Pushwoosh UI and through API.

You can sign up and use Pushwoosh for free, and upgrade whenever you need. The 14 day Premium trial access is issued to all accounts upon registration.

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answered 17 Jun '14, 16:54
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