So, i can I respond to the event listener and do something in the app, visible when it's open, and standard iOS notifications go to the phone when the app is closed and not running in the background.

But my question is when it's running in the background (and i assume I still have control), how can client side in my app code trigger a standard iOS notification?

asked 18 Jun '14, 17:23
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any word out there? This is really important. There must be a working local notification method. The one on the push woosh object doesn't seem to work.

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answered 19 Jun '14, 03:44
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If i understand your question correctly - yes, of course you can send push notifications while your app is in background or not running. In this case iOS handles notification and shows banner or alert for it. If you don't see banners, please check settings of your app:

alt text

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answered 19 Jun '14, 11:19
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so does that require users to set it to Banners, or is there a way to programmatically do it for them?

thanks brother.

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answered 19 Jun '14, 11:33
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Banners is on for my app. triggering notifications from the remote API. I thought maybe since the event handler of my app is running in the background, it's intercepting it, and as a result the standard iOS notification doesn't occur, and then therefore I must call a localNotification() method to trigger it.

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answered 19 Jun '14, 11:36
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What platform are you using? Phonegap/cordova? Try to run samples on your device from here

(19 Jun '14, 11:47) Fectum Fectum's gravatar image
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