Hello, we're trying to send a notification through our own server, using pushsharp, sending it directly to the GCM-server.

PushWoosh is installed on the client. Sending messages from the pushwoosh-console works.

The message from our own server arrives too, however it's empty, probably because we're using the wrong tag ("message" or "alert"). This is our code:

"data": { "alert": "There are game(s) waiting!", "delay_while_idle": false, "collapse_key": "showdownOk", "message": "It's your turn!" }

What tag shoud we send instead of "message" or "alert"?


asked 25 Jun '14, 11:16
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Ok, after searching for a long time we found it.

The tags should be: "header" and "title"

Just putting it here in case anybody has the same problem...

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answered 25 Jun '14, 13:09
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Hi Gamious,

Using pushshap how did you get device toen for GCM.

I am also using Pushwoosh IOS and GCM both gets registered, IOS returns push toen but GCM not.

Any idea? also when sending from pushwoosh console message is coming empty.

Please guide me I am stuck.



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answered 12 Sep '14, 05:30
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