Am very new to this forum and using this type of plugins. I will clearly describe what I did below.

Actually my objective is to create a new cordova project in my windows PC and integrate Pushwoosh plugin to my cordova project. I would like to test pushing one notification from Pushwoosh to my android device.

Steps I followed as below: --> Created a simple cordova project in my windows 8 pc. --> Integrated Pushwoosh plugin to my project through cordova CLI commands. --> Created a new GCM id in Google and got API Key. --> Created a trial account in Pushwoosh web site. Created a new app and linked to the GCM API generated from the above step. --> Followed the steps in http://devgirl.org/2012/12/04/easy-phonegap-push-notifications-with-pushwoosh/ and included the API Key(from GCM) and app id(from Pushwoosh). --> Built the android project in my windows 8 PC and targeted to my android device. --> Finally when I tested sending push messages from Pushwoosh website. However I dont see notifications reaching my android device. Also I tried to push notifications from Pushwoosh to my test device(configured in Pushwoosh). But I dont see any notifications reaching my device.

Kindly help. I just want to see any push notifications reaching my device from Pushwoosh. Any fast help is very much appreciated.


asked 06 Jul '14, 13:03
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Were you able to resolve this? I am having the same exact issue as you. I pretty much followed the PW directions to the letter. I was able to register the device and received a pushToken. I used that as the device token when setting up a test device. Was that the correct value for that field? I'd like to think that the plugin is setup properly since I was able to attain a pushToken. I am curious if there's anything further i can do to troubleshoot this.

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answered 25 Jan '15, 05:22
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