I have download the sample code form pushwoosh.com and imported in to titanium workspace and i have register my application on pushwoosh.com but it does not fire callback method.It goes to success and received success alert.

I have using titanium 3.1.2,alloy 1.2.2 any suggestion please tell me..

var pushnotifications = require('com.arellomobile.push'); Ti.API.info("module is => " + pushnotifications);

pushnotifications.pushNotificationsRegister("595043289423", "60666-9265D", { //NOTE: all the functions fire on the background thread, do not use any UI or Alerts here success:function(e) { Ti.API.info('TITAIUM!!! JS registration success event: ' + e.registrationId);

    alert('TITAIUM!!! JS registration success event: ' + e.registrationId);

    Ti.API.error("TITAIUM!!! Error during registration: "+e.error);
    alert("TITAIUM!!! Error during registration: "+e.error);
callback:function(e) // called when a push notification is received
    alert("in callback");
    Ti.API.info('TITAIUM!!! JS message event: ' + JSON.stringify(e.data));
    //alert('notification data is=' +JSON.stringify("notification data="+e.data));



asked 10 Jul '14, 05:43
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edited 10 Jul '14, 13:38

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