Some entries in "Push history" section are not correctly assigned (or displayed) to proper application, though number of subscribers match the respective apps.

My account name: plan3dev_billing Message id: 721539125

asked 15 Jul '14, 07:06
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Am I correct that you are using createTargetedMessage method in order to send notifications?

It is actually a known issue with this method: if you don't specify any applications in "devices_filter" section, Pushwoosh doesn't display any applications in push details.

As a workaround, you can add an application to the "devices_filter" section.

Please let us know in case my suggestion is not correct, and our Development team will investigate the issue closely.

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answered 15 Jul '14, 07:17
Dmitry%20%20Dyudeev's gravatar image

Dmitry Dyudeev

No, I'm using "regular" createMessage method. Is this solution relevant to my usage?

(15 Jul '14, 07:44) mateuszfiolka mateuszfiolka's gravatar image

Could you please send the whole createMessage request you use?

(15 Jul '14, 07:49) Dmitry Dyudeev Dmitry%20%20Dyudeev's gravatar image

The strangest thing is that we have just tested the request you provided, and everything worked well.

Could you please send the exact same request that has created 721539125 notification? You can always do that via Contact us form.

(15 Jul '14, 08:57) Dmitry Dyudeev Dmitry%20%20Dyudeev's gravatar image

@dmitry Unfortunately I don't currently log that. I'll addd logging and will contact you when this problem occurs again. (I do not control when pushes are done, it's up to redactors).

(15 Jul '14, 09:53) mateuszfiolka mateuszfiolka's gravatar image
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